E' Iss Tenuta San Francisco 2017

Classification IGT  Campania Rosso
Name Tenuta San Francesco
Year 2017
Region Campania
Grapes 100% tintore di Tramonti pre-fillossera


GT Campania Rosso Dyer pure, made with grapes coming exclusively from hand-selected and pre-phylloxera strains ultrasecolari the territory of tramonti, is produced in a limited number of bottles and testifies to the passion and the bond with this land. It 'a unique wine with a distinct personality and typicality that wants to give the Tintore Tramonti a dignity equal to its value. It 'a tribute to the founders of the winery to their fathers who have guarded for centuries the historic vineyards of Tramonti. "The wine of the historical vineyards is a miracle" Production area: Tramonti
Grape varieties: 100% dyer pre-phylloxera Tramonti Climate: cool, with large temperature ranges Altitude: 300-600 m s.l.m. Soil: limestone and dolomite with volcanic pyroclastics (pumice) Exposure: south-east of the terraced steep slopes Training system: historical vineyards in the traditional pergola or radial pattern, pre-phylloxera from 150 to 300 years Vintage grape harvest: end of October, first ten days of November Winemaking: steel
Ageing: barrels of 25 hl for 18 - 24 months, 6 months in bottle before release organoleptic characteristics: intense ruby red with violet hues, is characterized by the elegant freshness, scents of undergrowth, ash, graphite and blackberry. The palate is full, savory and high persistence
Alcohol content: 13.5% vol.Food pairing: red meats, aged cheeses

E' Iss Tenuta San Francisco 2015

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Taurasi Riserva Michele Perillo 2008

Name Michele Perillo
Year 2008
Region Campania
Grapes 100% aglianico


Between Taurasi and the Reserve's really just a different management of reservoirs and woods. These are wines that are initially very textural presentani and difficult to handle alone. But with the passing of the years they dry excesses, find a perfect balance and acquire a determined speed in the palate. Grane complexity in the nose, absolutely fabulous and intriguing, with references to the seasons of the sun and autumn, fruits and fireplace, savory, fresh, grandisisma structure. A wine that starts coming out after a decade keeping a ruby red wine color.
  What would write behind the label? Handmade.

Taurasi Riserva Michele Perillo 2007

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